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Deepen the downstream market application of rubber enterprises will break the prospects of broad prospects

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Rubber products in the daily life of production has a very wide range of applications, so at present there are many specialized in China's rubber products business, which is located in Zhejiang Provin

Rubber products in the daily life of production has a very wide range of applications, so at present there are many specialized in China's rubber products business, which is located in Zhejiang Province, the three-dimensional shares of rubber products processing is the main business of enterprises, and the first issue today Stock (IPO).

Rubber products in the production process, the general first rubber raw materials will be added to the mixing machine, while incorporating a variety of compounding agent, according to a certain formula and the proportion of mixing, and then press molding. It can be said that the rubber phase directly determines the rubber products are good or bad.

Now with the rubber products in all aspects of the division of the clear, rubber has become independent of a new industry. Mixing rubber and downstream rubber products manufacturing enterprises docking, and promote the upgrading of China's rubber industry. In China's rubber industry continues to expand the scale of the situation, the rubber industry is also facing a broad space for development.

At present, China's rubber production enterprises in accordance with the composition of the market, there are specifically for conventional rubber products manufacturers, but also specifically for all kinds of special rubber (fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, etc.) products manufacturers, there are many for food-grade rubber Product manufacturers, and so forth.

In addition, with the rise of China's auto industry in recent years, automobile localization has become a trend. And automobile manufacturing to use a lot of rubber products: doors and windows seals, belts, engine oil seal, shock, etc., therefore, the automotive industry chain of various types of rubber products manufacturers are also partners in the business development object. And, the volume of this market will be considerable.

At present, there are many international manufacturers of rubber compound fancy China's rubber products consumption power, have set up production centers in China, hoping to its own technical advantages directly on the mainland China market.

From the operation of these international manufacturers point of view, first of its rich industry experience in its technology research and development, product and market integration with no small advantage. These companies in the development of the market can be described as spare no effort, an international production enterprises only mixed rubber types there are dozens, which for domestic manufacturers is unthinkable. And these large manufacturers did not stop there, they are still exploring the needs of the market, targeted for the production of rubber.

However, in these international manufacturers crazy expansion at the same time, China's rubber industry is not optimistic about the status quo.

In the high-end areas such as automotive rubber products, the required rubber is still a large number of imports. In contrast, the overcapacity of general-purpose products has exceeded the affordability of the market.

According to the prospective industry research institute "China Synthetic Rubber Industry Report" analysis, if you want to get rid of this dilemma, China's rubber enterprises need to broaden the scope of technology, equipment, technology, technology to narrow the gap with the international manufacturers, Rubber in the oil seal, oil pipelines and other rubber products in the field of application, in order to occupy a place in the market.